5 Signs That an Automatic Gate Installer Should Not be TrustedAn Nashville automatic gate is a great investment for homeowners, offering a stylish yet secure entry way into the property.

It not only looks good and improves your home security, it can also increase the overall value of the property, so it often pays for itself in time.

However, all the benefits of an Nashville automatic gate system only happen when there is a good company installing it. While there are many reliable automatic gate installation companies out there, there are always a few out there that cannot be trusted or relied upon to properly complete the work.

Here are 5 signs that an Nashville automatic gate installer should not be trusted:

1. Being Too Aggressive About the Contract
Whenever a gate installer is being too aggressive with the contract, take a step back and think why this is the case. Many of the least trustworthy companies use strong-arm tactics to pressure homeowners into signing the contract, often claiming that the price they’re offering is for a limited time or that they have a lot of other work they can be doing.

A reliable gate installer knows that customers need to shop around for the best value and will have the patience to wait for you to sign a contract on your own time frame.

2. A Vague Contract
When an installer offers a contract it should have a detailed account of all the costs included and the timeframe for completion. You should clearly see the cost of labor and materials, along with a guarantee of work for the gate system.

A contract that lacks any of this information should be a red flag that something isn’t right. Companies that don’t even offer a contract and want cash in hand should be avoided too, as this is never a good sign for an installation service.

3. Asking for Full Payment in Advance
Another common tactic used by various contractors; any time the installer asks for the full payment of work should not be trusted. Yes, certain payments can occur before the work starts, usually a deposit or the first instalment of a payment plan, but never the full cost of a project.

This can indicate they don’t have enough cashflow for the work or could be using your money to finance other work. If a company does need some payment up front, they should be transparent about the costs – if they get defensive stay well clear!

4. No License or Accreditation
If a gate installation company lacks the proper licensing and/or accreditation then it may be a sign they can’t be trusted. A contractor’s license is required in most states, and accreditation with a professional organization such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) indicates the business is held to high standards and ethical practices, otherwise they wouldn’t be accredited!

5. No Testimonials
Any good gate installation company proudly showcases their satisfied customers, so if there are not testimonials on their site then you may want to do some more research. Not all companies feature testimonials on their sites but those that can be trusted usually do, so if you can’t find any you should consider looking for reviews from third-party sites to see if you can find more information about previous customers’ experiences.

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