Providing quick and easy access for residents while keeping unwanted visitors from entering without permission, the ability to control access to a gated community is one of their biggest selling points.

Yet like with type of technology, automatic Nashville gates are susceptible to damage over time. This can be caused by natural wear and tear, weather conditions, or unwanted pests damaging the internal components of the gate opener.

Here is 5 of the most common Nashville automatic gate repairs for gated communities:

1. Pest Removal
Insects, small reptiles, and mice are all pests that commonly cause damage to automatic Nashville gates in gated communities. This is mainly because parts of the gate offer the perfect cover for these pests, leading to components being chewed, obstructions caused, and all manner of issues.
For instance, geckos and lizards are known to hide in areas were sensors are placed, causing an obstruction that prevents the gate from automatically opening. Insects often nest inside of control boxes too and can damage electronics.
Thankfully, the repairs are mostly removing the pests and cleaning any mess they may have left behind.

2. Control Box Repairs
Control boxes are usually well protected from the elements but problems often arise when there is too much moisture. Condensation developing inside of a control box can seriously damage the electronics, causing the gate to stop functioning.
Repairs for this problem are more complex, often requiring a completely new control box to be installed or certain components to be replaced.

3. Gate Engine Repairs
Sometimes the weather isn’t to blame, with older gate motors featuring components that have corroded over time and no longer function. If the Nashville automatic gate is over 10 years old there is a good chance the control box has simply deteriorated over time.
Repairs can be difficult and it may be a case that replacing the motor is more cost-effective solution. Newer Nashville gates that have similar issues with the gate engine are usually easier to repair. Keep this in mind if your gated community is using an older automatic gate.

4. Structural Repairs
Sometimes an Nashville automatic gate is damaged by collisions, trees falling, or vandalism. These require more basic repairs to the overall structure of the gate, such as welding broken sections of the gate, realigning the gate with the track, or replacing any damaged hinges.

5. Remote Control Repairs
Sometimes the problem is with the remote control opener rather than the gate itself. These issues can range from something simple like a dead battery to more significant problems like programming faults. In any case, remote controls are typically quick and easy to repair, although it depends on how many controllers are having issues in the gated community.

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