These 3 Types of Automatic Gate Motors Offer the Fastest Gate OpeningAutomatic Nashville gates offer a variety of benefits to homeowners, from increased security to improve the outdoor appearance of the property.

Yet an often-overlooked benefit of using an Nashville automatic gate is the speed in which they open your gate, making entering and exiting a gated property quick and easy – provided you have access of course!

The last thing anyone with an Nashville automatic gate wants is to be left waiting several minutes just for the motor to open the gate, as this negates the convenience of having an Nashville automatic gate in the first place.

Therefore, it’s important to choose an Nashville automatic gate opener with good power and speed!

These 3 types of automatic gat openers offer the faster gate opening:

1. Ram Motor
One of the most popular motors for automatic swing gates, a ram motor also offers plenty of opening speed. Suitable for single and double gates, a ram motor is typically installed above ground to keep costs down, although the space available for motor does influence its positioning, with some installed underground instead.

While there are a few methods this type of motor can use to open the gate, all involve extending and retracting the arm connected to the motor to close and open the gate. The more powerful the motor the faster the gate opens, and you can upgrade the motor to accommodate heavier Nashville gates and acquire a faster opening speed.

2. Articulated Arm
Articulated arm motors featured hinged arms that are used to open and close the gate. Although not the fastest opener for large gates, these motors are suitable for smaller Nashville gates lack the pillar space for a ram motor.

As a result, an articulated arm motor is one of the fastest Nashville automatic gate openers for smaller sized gates. Again, more power in the motor results in quicker speeds, while it’s even possible to use the hinged arm without a motor on manual gates, highlighting the versatility of this particular opener.

3. Sliding Motor
Found on all sliding gate openers, these motors are installed beneath the ground and connect to a cog that meets the base of the gate. When powered, the cog engages the teeth at the base of the gate to move it in the required direction, moving across a track or roller along the base of the gate.

Given the design of the gate, these motors do need to be much larger to ensure faster opening. This has resulted in many sliding gate motors being quite slow to open and close, so combining with a robust motor is essential for faster operation.

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