Make Sure You Don’t Do These 6 Things with Your Automatic GateEvery homeowner invests money, efforts, and time to choose and install the best Nashville gates and openers.

A lot of people even prefer purchasing automatic Nashville gates from reputed manufacturers that offer longer product warranty. But the durability and performance of your Nashville automatic gate will be severely impacted if you don’t concentrate on simple maintenances. When you ignore certain things regarding your automatic gate, you further increase risks of bearing high repair and service expenses. That’s why it is recommended that you avoid the common mistakes when it comes to maintaining your automatic gate.

Make sure you don’t do these 6 things with your automatic gate:

1. Skipping on Rust Prevention Efforts

To ensure proper functioning of your Nashville automatic gate through the years, one of the most important things you can do is to prevent rust. Rust development on an Nashville automatic gate isn’t just unpleasant, it is also detrimental to its functioning. You can usually scrub the rust of your metal Nashville automatic gate via sandpaper. It is recommended that you inspect the gate for rust and remove it on a regular basis so that the metal components of your gate are properly maintained.

2. Neglecting Routine Inspections

Visual inspection of automatic Nashville gates is extremely important as it helps detect various malfunctions before they become too serious. It is highly recommended that you occasionally perform visual inspections of your automatic gate’s parts e.g. bearings, electrical connections, chain belt, drive belt, metal racks, etc. If there are any wooden parts on your gate, then you should particularly inspect them to see if they require being oiled or stained to prevent problems e.g. rot development.

3. Ignoring an Obvious Problem

Don’t ignore even a minor problem with your automatic gate. For example, a squeaky noise from your gate may seem like nothing serious but it could be very costly to repair. So, if you notice anything serious about your automatic gate, then it is highly recommended that you call an Nashville automatic gate repair company to have it professionally inspected.

4. Never Cleaning Your Automated Gate

Simply cleaning automatic Nashville gates from time to time is important to both functionality and aesthetics. You can wax and wash your gate often enough to keep the materials in good condition as well as prevent salt from accumulating on metal parts, increasing the risk of rust development.

5. Failing to Properly Lubricate Moving Parts

Moving parts of an automatic gate, or any gate for that matter, wear out and break more quickly if they are not properly lubricated. Inadequate lubrication can result in automation mechanism of your gate easily getting disabled. So, don’t fail to properly lubricate the moving parts (e.g. hinge, roller, pulley, chain, etc.) of your automatic gate.

6. Trying to Repair or Replace Parts on Your Own

In order to save money, some homeowners try to repair/replace their Nashville automatic gate parts on their own, ending up damaging the gate in the process. Automatic Nashville gates have complex mechanisms which are not easy to repair or replace. So, it is recommended that you call a professional Nashville automatic gate repair company in case you suspect any parts need repair or replacement.

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