Most of these communities install automatic Nashville gates to prevent intruders from entering, hence ensuring protection of the people inside the premises. While automatic Nashville gates are good when it comes to preventing unauthorized entry, there are several extra measures that can be taken to further enhance the security of the gated community. By combining automatic Nashville gates with security guards and monitored systems, crime and vandalism can be drastically reduced and the safety of the residents can be ensured.

Here are 4 ways to prevent unauthorized people from entering through your community’s automatic gates:

1. Friendly Guards That Know Everyone

Automatic Nashville gates are great, but they don’t offer a personal touch of security. Furthermore, it’s easy for unauthorized people to steal a key card or find another way to enter the premises. With a friendly guard at the entry gate that monitors everyone who enters and leaves the community, it’s much more difficult for an unauthorized individual to sneak in. Knowing the security guards is also helpful for the residents. It makes them feel safer and guards can also learn everyone’s habits quite easily.

2. Remotely Monitored Security Cameras

Most gated communities, even if they have automatic security Nashville gates and cameras, aren’t always monitored. In fact, most of the times no one even looks at the security footage unless there’s an incident. That’s why remotely monitored security cameras are recommended to prevent unauthorized people from entering via the community’s automatic gates.

With remote monitoring, residents can rest easy knowing that someone will always be monitoring the cameras. If they notice a suspicious activity, they are able to call for help immediately. All in all, remotely monitored security cameras boost the security of gated communities.

3. On-Site Guards to Quickly Respond

Combining remote monitoring with on-site guards is the best way to enhance security in gated communities. The person monitoring can contact the on-site guards in case of an emergency and they can respond within a few minutes at most. Having a quicker response time means safer residents and less crime overall.

4. Secure All Access Points

While automatic Nashville gates are great, they are usually embedded with wireless connections that make it easier for hackers to gain unauthorized access to gate communities via remotely operated systems. That’s why it is extremely important to have enough coverage for all access points with security personnel when possible. The entry points should also be locked to prevent a breach on the premises. Installing a fence or wall that is attractive yet stable enough to prevent unauthorized access to the premises is also a great option to enhance the security of the gated community.

Final Word

While automatic Nashville gates are great for preventing unauthorized entry to gated communities, there are several extra measures that can be taken to further increase the security of these communities. Safeguarding a gated community is a collaborative effort among the management, security personnel, and residents. You can prevent property breaches and protect your gated community by working together and taking the necessary precautionary steps.

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