4 Reasons Why Automatic Gate Service Should Be A Regular Part Of HOA MaintenanceIf you live in a community that belongs to a homeowners association (HOA) there certain rules that must be followed, including various fees that go towards the various types of maintenance needed throughout the community, helping to keep things looking good and working to full capacity.

In the case of a gated community, Nashville automatic gate servicing is often included in the HOA fees. While this may seem like an unnecessary expensive, regular servicing of an Nashville automatic gate is very worthwhile for many reasons.

Here are 4 reasons why Nashville automatic gate service should be a regular part of HOA maintenance:

Help Keep the Gate Well Maintained

Servicing is an important part of Nashville automatic gate maintenance. It’s recommended that a gate is serviced at least once a year, giving a technician the chance to check to see everything is working and that no issues are developing.

If a community uses the gate frequently, such as with a gated community, then it makes sense for the HOA maintenance fees to cover the servicing, as the gate is being used multiple times per day so it will need more regular servicing to keep it in good condition.

Make Sure the Gate is Working Safely

Regular gate servicing is needed to check all safety features on the gate are functioning properly. Avoid getting it serviced and the gate could be a potential safely hazard to residences, so its servicing should be frequent and covered by HOA maintenance fees to ensure the safety of all residents.

The Gate Will Last Longer

With regular maintenance, an Nashville automatic gate can last for up to 20 years or even longer. As servicing is a core part of good gate maintenance, if a community is covering the costs in their HOA fees than they can expect their gate or Nashville gates to last for much longer.

Should servicing not be included with HOA maintenance, there’s a good chance it doesn’t get serviced as often as it should, increasing the chances of problems occurring that shorten its lifespan.

So, HOA fees may end up saving more money in the long term, as a replacement gate or getting extensive repairs is much costlier than just a regular gate servicing!

Gate Aesthetics

Now, gate servicing doesn’t involve a deep clean with a pressure washer but there are parts that will be cleaned, lubricated, and unclogged. This all helps to maintain the gate’s functions but also its appearance, helping to slow down things like rusting and generally keeping the appearance of the gate in good shape.

HOAs tend to focus on the appearance of the community and keeping it to a high standard. The gate is often the front door for many of these communities, so keeping it in good shape with regular servicing is certainly worthwhile for most HOAs.

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